As the BalkanBar closed in August 2018, there is no currently a party location available, we hope to find something new for the future.  

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20:30 - 21:00 : mini lekce bachata
21:00 : party hard : salsa bachata kizomba - free entrance

Latino Party

Our latino party takes place since the 18th March 2013 in Brno , changing every year the location continue to guarant high quality latin music and great parties, we enjoy dancing the rhythm of kizomba, bachata and salsa:
2013 Savoy / Caribic / Místodržitelský palác
2014 Abajo
2015 Palatin
2016 Exit Club
2017 LivingstonePub
2018 BalkanBar

We feel this event different than the others cause we offer the nicest places and best music available.

A bit of history:  Trocha hisotrie:

After years of partecipations on the parties in "Sombrero"(Dj : Josef Sedlačík) , "Mersey" , Brno had an amazing event in the pub "Pod Brnem"(Dj Jiří A. Richter) when this pub closed ... There was the time for something new, so I decided to take the most nice, empty and unknown restaurant that I have ever seen and I had the dream to make it full: Caffe Savoy.

Antonio Cusenza

the 18th march 2013 began that it was one of the biggest salsa parties ever seen in brno : the monday in Savoy. the 25th march at the 2nd party to surprice a friend for his birthday:

28th March 2013 , for the first time there was a Salsa event in Mandarin with incredible result, totally full at the first party. for every party made by me in Savoy there were photos and/or videos, everything stored in a secret group in facebook: Corazon Latino Family ( over 40 photo albums only about Savoy)

text in cz. --- work in progress.

more photos

the Summer of 2013 have seen also rare events in incredible place: tuesdays in Caribic Club , Saturdays in Místodržitelský palác , and Sundays in Pavillon Restaurant.

In the end of 2013 due long time issue with Savoy owner and several not respected agreements, the decision to move away.  Due the huge number of people coming on monday I tried to move the event in a bigger place as Caribic but people splitted between Caribic and Savoy that contininued the event with a new dj.

So in the 2014 it came the decision to start and new event, in Abajo, smaller , but more intimate, with better acustic and sound quality, so with few friends, we started again , together, and it was fun ;)

2014 have seen my partecipation on few bigger events with Martin Czarkowski like Babylon Latino Party the and few really nice open space summer events like : Brněnská Přehrada-Piráti z Karibiku III and

On the half of 2014, with a big surprice, Abajo closed , and so the weekly events stopped for few months till the end of the year, when few great collaborations ( M. Czarkowski , P. Křupala , B.Cavalli , ) we started again in a new club Palatin.