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Antonio Cusenza

Bachata Teacher

Dj, Organizer, Photographer, graphic and web designer.
In 2003 , learned Salsa, Bachata and merengue, while living in Cuba 7 months. the further dance studies took place between Italy , Czech Rep and mainly in Spain.

Since 2014 specializing in any Bachata Style (Sensual, Dominican, Moderna) taking direct lessons with world champions and famous dancers like: Korke y Judith, Daniel y Desiree, Ronald y Alba, Andrea y Silvia, Chaves y Silvia, Ataka y Alemana and several other European and Italian Champions and Dominican professional teachers recognized from the embassy of Domincan Republic.
3 times certificated teacher by  the Wolrd Mastery sensual bachata Korke y Judith.

2013 started the Dj and Event Organization in Savoy, played in almost all the discos in Brno, actually parties are in BalkanBar Brno

In 2014 registered as professional photographer and now
Expert in Photo and Video Editing.

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"Enim ad minima veniam quis nostrum exercitationem ullam corporis."


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Štefánikova 97/26, 602 00 Brno-sever-Veveří
BalkanBar Brno

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Antonio Cusenza
Phone: 00420 773969954